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Specialists in Port-Maritime Consulting

Strategic and innovative accompaniments at every step


How can we support you?

At Trifinium Consulting Group we have highly trained personnel who will provide specialized advice for your projects.


Strategic planning, identification of opportunities for improvement and proposal of solutions


Improved productivity on effective performance and staff motivation.


Through a structured method to optimize procedures and logistics operations


Increased efficiency and performance of online services, data centers, business intelligence and cybersecurity

Data Driven

Interactive data analysis and problem solving through data-driven decision making



We are a specialized firm in providing analysis and comprehensive solutions through the development of consultancies within the port and maritime field, offering an innovative and different approach.

Our Products

Port Statistics 2019-2021 Central American Region

Private Consulting – Public Sector

Experienced and committed, helping to meet and exceed the objectives of your business, providing the client with optimal guidance and business planning based on the experience of the industry to be analyzed and on the predictions of the market trends in question, helping to formulate strategies and plan improvements and problem-solving actions to achieve growth and success, using business knowledge and skills to design more robust models and more efficient advisory to the companies.

Statistical analysis

Port statistics are necessary for the Port Community, international organizations, consultants, financial agencies, the private sector and government organizations involved in the economy and foreign trade.

Specific Advices

Members of the Network of Maritime Port Statistics of the Central American Isthmus coordinated by Comisión Centroamericana de Transporte Marítimo –COCATRAM-



To the extent of the requirements with added value, the drive towards improvement and competitiveness. Convinced that improving companies contributes to a better country, your investment in Trifinium ensures success.

Professional ethics

The members of our professional team support their actions on values and principles on which optimal performance is guaranteed in each of the activities they do.


Knowing the type of information that is produced in the sector and its value, we guarantee our strategic partners confidentiality in handling it.

Personalized advice

We adapt to the needs of our strategic partners, providing tailored solutions that are in accordance with what is requested.


We adapt our work to the internal processes of our clients. Protecting your privacy, rules and space.


Consulting group experience

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