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About Us



We warmly welcome you to Trifinium Consulting Group. We are a specialized firm in providing analysis and comprehensive solutions through the development of consultancies within the port and maritime field, offering an innovative and different approach.

We have a multidisciplinary work group, which has specialized based on the different personal and professional experiences of its members in different specific areas and which have been developed within the Guatemalan port and maritime field; as well as the Central American region, managing to converge on a common point, which is based on an accumulated experience of more than 60 years working within the sector.

The members of Trifinium Consulting Group, aware of the needs and opportunities for improvement within the sector, make the decision to start and form an independent consulting firm, which is based on values ​​and principles, on hard work and perseverance, which make this dream worthwhile by converting crises into opportunities, offering differentiated services to those currently offered by the market.

Experienced and committed, helping to meet and exceed the objectives of your business, providing the client with optimal guidance and business planning based on the experience of the industry to be analyzed and on the predictions of the market trends in question, helping to formulate strategies and plan improvements and problem-solving actions to achieve growth and success, using business knowledge and skills to design more robust models and advise companies accordingly.

That is why we believe that we can become a strategic ally that contributes and supports all your port and maritime projects, providing them with added value.


Our Service Commitment

Professional ethics

The members of our professional team base their actions on values ​​and principles through which optimal performance is guaranteed in each of the jobs we do.

Personalized advice

We adapt to the needs of our strategic partners by providing tailored solutions that are consistent with what is requested.

Quality Products

Our products and services are prepared by professionals who have extensive experience in the sector, which guarantees their quality from the beginning to the end of the consultancy.

Data confidentiality

Knowing the type of information that is produced in the sector and its value, we guarantee our strategic partners confidentiality in handling it.

Responsibility in delivery

We develop a work schedule which allows the consultancies to be carried out in the scheduled times.

Cost transparency

Our commitment is that our strategic partners do not incur any additional cost to those established in our formal offers.